David Grist
Landscape designer
I am a landscape designer based in Burlington, Vermont, with a portfolio of project that includes residential, commercial, and public projects
My earth-friendly designs are rooted in equal parts ecology, design, and client goals. I believe good design does not come from the muse, or from some inner font of creativity. Good design comes from real things: goals, wishes, facts, constraints. It comes from hard work. 
I have decades of experience as a professional gardener, including weed-pulling, tree-planting, patio construction, site surveys, and drafting. My master's degree is from the Conway School in Northampton, MA.
Fees vary, depending on the size of the project. 
Plant design: The result is a drawing and plant list that specifies all plants for an existing garden—or a new one. 
Site design: Taking a look at the site as a whole, this set of drawings outlines uses for all areas of your property. In most cases, it is fairly loose, with further design needed when time and funding become available. A site design is often used for long-range planning. 
Consulting: I come to your property for a walk-and-talk analysis of your landscape. I answer questions, suggest resources, and suggest strategies. The fee is $100/hour. In most cases, an hour is enough to cover a residential property.